Hammock camping in forest

Last night I tried hammock camping for the first time. My friend Steve had given me a decent tarp which I hadn’t used yet and, along with a cheap Thai mosquito hammock, I set up for another night out. Setting up took longer than expected, about 2 hours, but I think it will be muchContinue reading “Hammock camping in forest”

Bardejov town wall

Once again this morning I found myself having breakfast coffee in Bardejov due to my car needing to visit the mechanic. The sun shone and it was nice to be amongst the history and culture of the town. I had chance to visit the ‘army shop’, a wooden portal a in located in the carContinue reading “Bardejov town wall”

Solo deep forest sleep – out during the rut

Yesterday evening, while suffering from flu, I got the urge to try sleeping out in the forest during the Red deer stags’ rutting period. I hadn’t done it during this period before because I’ve had problems in the woods with hormonal enraged stags during this time in the past. But the noise of multiples ofContinue reading “Solo deep forest sleep – out during the rut”

Carpathian rainbow

Sometimes the beauty of nature just stops me in my tracks. For a fleeting moment, all worries and concerns disappear and I’m left awestruck, mesmerized. We go through life so obsessed with artificial minutiae, regrets over the past and anxiety over the future, that we often forget to just stop and enjoy the magnificence ofContinue reading “Carpathian rainbow”

Sandy, my Jack Russell terrier

I felt guilt about posting Veles so decided to give Sandy his 5 minutes of fame also. He never relaxes at the village house, always on high alert – whether it’s someone passing the gate, a tractor in the distance, an eagle, stork or raven flying over head, or one of the many village dogsContinue reading “Sandy, my Jack Russell terrier”