4 thoughts on “Giant Destroying Angel

  1. Looks like it is probably a Field Parasol to me, I have found many in woodlands near me as well as field edges. If so the caps make fabulous eating.

    Dip the whole cap in beaten egg and parmesan then in breadcrumbs and fry.

    All the best.

      1. In that case I bow to your greater knowledge, that is indeed a huge Angel – I should have looked closer at the Volva.

  2. I’m an amateur but the locals are all experts. Oddly, many won’t touch champingnon because of their similarity to young virosa. I stick to a few boletes nowadays. TBH, there just doesn’t seem a reward equal to the risk where fungi is concerned. Each time I think I’ve definitively mastered one I discover that it has similar but toxic clones.

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