Giant slug

All summer we’ve had a plague of browny orange slugs and we’re really noticing the strange lack of slow worms and fire salamanders this year. However, this is the first slug of this type that i’ve encountered and it’s most definitely phobia inducing. I’m glad that my dog doesn’t eat them. My brother’s did andContinue reading “Giant slug”

Sunset over the forest

I’ve been waiting for days for a break in the rain so that I can mow the lawn and sort the garden out. I’d also like to ride Feisty before winter comes as she’ll be locked up for months. The sky tonight over the forested hills surrounding the town of Svidnik promise better days toContinue reading “Sunset over the forest”

Samaritans in Svidnik

Whilst walking through Svidnik today I came across a display by the volunteer emergency and rescue group Asosiacia Samaritanov Slovenskej Republic – As my friend runs the branch, i got roped into being a guinea pig for a young girl who taught me the latest techniques in cpr – quite embarrassing to do onContinue reading “Samaritans in Svidnik”

The Wolf Mountains

I’m often asked why I live where I do, in the Carpathian Mountains of Eastern Slovakia. Watch the film ‘The Wolf Mountains’ (VlĨie Hory) and you’ll understand why. It’s filmed an hour away from me and, aside from the bison, wild horse and bear (thankfully), we get all the same wildlife right outside my backContinue reading “The Wolf Mountains”

Amethyst deceiver fungus

I love these little mushrooms (Laccaria amethystina) as they add such a contrasting colour to the forest. These were, unfortunately, growing just were I was setting up my hammock (seen on the ground just behind) so I photographed them before they were crushed underfoot