In and out of the Abyss

Here is wisdom:

One must perpetually repeat 7°=4 from different angles, becoming the Babe, rising to 8°=3 and then, returning to 7°=4 in a new form. There can be no attainment of 9°=2 without clear Gnosis of the Self and Ennoia of the World.

A direct, methodical path from 6°=5 through 7°=4 through 8°=3□  to 9°=2 is merely a delusion. One must begin, become and then attain before repeating as a different Self; all are facets of the whole. Like a horse’s blinkers or railroad tracks keep one from exploring laterally, and tunnel vision leads to the artificial goal of misguided anticlimax.

I began, I became, I attained, and did so in many forms. Each time anew as a Babe being born and nurtured in the womb, then growing to adulthood in a different Weltanschauung. Now is the limbo before it all starts again, but the form has not yet been decided upon. It is the Muse who illuminates the path and without the Muse the Self cowers in darkness, afraid to take a single step in any direction. Perhaps the form will not be new but an amalgamation. Perhaps this time will be the last for reaching 8°=3 before finally continuing further.

It is all experiential learning. Every breath we take, every decision we make.

So mote it be.

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