Slovak traditional costume, Bardejov

Slovak traditional costume, Bardejov

This was a lucky snap shot of some young people in traditional dress in the UNESCO town of Bardejov in Slovakia. This was the same day as Svidnik’s Ukranian Festival so it’s likely they were on their way there to dance (or just returning from it)

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My name is Edward O'Toole and I live in one of the wildest, most beautiful parts of Europe, in the Carpathian Mountains of Eastern Slovakia. Life is an adventure - both physically and metaphysically... I've been living out here for the last 22 years, along with my wife, 3 kids and Jack Russell. My main interests involve bushcraft, prepping, survival and wilderness living (self-sufficiency and self-reliance), ecological, green, smart and natural solutions, motorcycles and motorbike club life, writing and art (I have 7 published books), and exploring the paranormal. For more about my lifestyle, art and writing visit

4 thoughts on “Slovak traditional costume, Bardejov

    1. Thanks
      I like your blog but I don’t know how to comment. I was in your country a couple of years back. Beautiful place. The road between Mostar and Sarajevo is amazing. I’m surprised you haven’t put anything up about the pyramids though…

      1. Thanks for passing by and liking my site. I am currently covering around Mostar as Mostar is quite strategically placed around certain attractions so I still have a few more posts as requested. There are still many cities and attractions in Bosnia that has touched me and definitely will be very inspiring to write about. The road from Mostar to Sarajevo is certainly captivating, you will most probably see in one of my upcoming posts, ” A Feast fit for a Medieval King”. Best wishes! πŸ™‚

  1. Ps: Bosnia is not my country, though I would have been proud to call it mine. Currently, I am proud to call it my home, though I am comfortable in many cities around the world. πŸ™‚

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