Earth Day, Serfdom, Foraging & Tanuki

Humanity’s annual reminder that we live on – and with – Planet Earth. Earth Day was first proposed by activist John McConnell in 1969 and was introduced to the world in 1970. It’s a day filled with hope and hypocrisy, but it should be celebrated by all those who hold Mother Nature dear, not just by the corporations who profit from it.
With food prices rising massively, the energy crisis, conflict in Ukraine affecting global food supplies, and an unelected elite who wish to dominate the rest of the human population through constant attacks on traditional norms, it’s time to head out into the bush and take a break from the constant barrage of fear propaganda. To reconnect with our roots, literally. The Yggdrasil is once again a symbol of our interconnectivity with all of the beings of this beautiful planet and its various realms.

Filmed on location in the Carpathian Mountains of East Slovakia with a Panasonic Lumix FZ300/FZ330 with a Polaroid UV lens

Dark Walk & Talk – 2022 is not looking good

Energy crisis, food shortages, gas prices, droughts, WW3, hyperinflation, stock market crash, great depression, winter storms, plagues of locusts… 2022 will be a right laugh.
We’re only half way through February 2022, in fact 02/22/2022, and many of the predictions made last year concerning the state of the world, its food sources and economy are all coming to fruition. And it’s not a happy outlook. It’s time we asked ourselves why this is so. Could it be purely to do with the much advertised climate change, could it just be a random collection of events, or is it due to the massive mismanagement of those we call leaders (whether through negligence, accident or deliberate manipulation)? It’s seriously time we began looking at how to fix the problem from outside the box we’ve been wedged into.
In this video I take you for a short walk through the mist and darkness of a Carpathian village and I discuss some of the most pressing issues we face. I also mention Elon Musk, something many might find to be a controversial opinion. We – the planet and humanity as a whole – are in need of saving, saving from ourselves. And we’re not going to find salvation through professional politicians or self-appointed world leaders, only through truly altruistic experts in their specific fields. This is a short video because I just wanted to get some thoughts off of my mind. With Putin sending troops into Ukraine, it’s added an even darker dimension to the sh1t-show 2022 was predicted to be, and has brought all this way too close to home.

Filmed with a Xiaomi Note 8. On location in the Carpathian Mountains of Slovakia.

Poor Fox With Scabies Scratches Itself – mangy vixen in my garden

his poor fox vixen has had scabies (mange) for several months now. Both she and her dog fox partner are daily visitors to my garden.
Last year many fox cubs were born in my area – and I’m talking many – but most didn’t survive long because they all seemed to hang out around roadsides. The European red fox (Vulpes vulpes) is a highly intelligent animal, and also a very daring one. However, they are prone to getting some serious diseases – such as scabies, or worse yet rabies – and then pass it on to household pets through contact, especially cats and dogs. While I do feel sorry for this fox, I’m not happy when I catch her in my garden as she could infect my dog. I prefer them to stay outside of the fence – and I’m more than happy to feed them there.
Foxes are often feared (and hunted because of this) because they are opportunist hunters and will sneak in to take chickens or other small livestock. But it is fascinating to watch them every day as I sit in my studio and they are literally just outside. They are so similar to my Jack Russell in their behaviour. かわいいキツネ
Animal identification, and learning about their individual habits, is an essential part of self reliance, bushcraft, survival and outdoor living.

Filmed with a Panasonic Lumix FZ300/FZ330 with a Polaroid UV lens and an Apeman Trail Camera. On location in the Carpathian Mountains of Slovakia.

Russia Ukraine Conflict Deja Vu – Russia Versus the West again. Real Life World Of Tanks

Russia invades Ukraine. America, NATO and the West retaliate. What happens next? I’ll give you a clue: it won’t be short and sweet, nor will it be a picnic for those living in the vicinity. Like those living in my region, including my family and myself.
This isn’t the first time my area, East Slovakia, has become embroiled in a long, drawn out war between Russia and a Western nation. Last time it was Germany, the time before that Austro-Hungary. But it always ends up here because this is where the Dukla Pass sits – the gateway from the East, through Poland, and into the south and west. In the last hundred odd years, my region has been utterly decimated due to immense battles fought between two superpowers, neither of which are local. In fact, my region is littered with Russian and German tanks, planes and artillery from the last drawn out conflict – the Battle of Dukla Pass, one of the worst battles of WW2. For those who like military vehicles, or who play World of Tanks, you’d love it.
And now we’re facing WW3. US soldiers and equipment are already in Slovakia. Ukraine is currently a tinder box just waiting for the first shot, or false flag, to be fired. And the military-industrial complex is not just rubbing its hands in anticipation of all the wealth they’ll make, but is actively ramping up the war rhetoric via their pals in the media.
In this video I show just why I’m concerned about the Russia Ukraine situation, and give a bit of a tour of the relics in my area from the last time Russia passed this way. It’s only been a few decades since Czechoslovakia broke the bonds of Communism, and this region is still resplendent in Cold War glory days artefacts. I also briefly cover the Ruthenian people (and some of its more famous offspring such as Andy Warhol), and the Rusyn language
Biden, Putin, Zelensky, Johnson, Macron… now Germany has sent reinforcements to Lithuania along the Belarus border. Things are heating up.

Filmed with a Xiaomi Note 8. On location in the Carpathian Mountains of Slovakia.

Haunted Headphones – True Ghost Story

Things that go bump in the night, 21st Century style. And why you shouldn’t ghost hunt in your own house. This is a true ghost story which I personally experienced.
Experiencing a haunting can often be a traumatic event, especially when you’re half asleep in a hypnagogic or hypnopompic state. But sometimes it’s just annoying. Modern ghost hunting and paranormal investigation TV shows focus on not only photographing or filming paranormal events, full-bodied apparitions, poltergeist activity and other spirit manifestations, but also on communicating with the dead. This is usually done through EVP (electronic voice phenomenon), ghost hunting apps, de-tuned radios, television white noise, Ouija boards and a host of other methods. It’s even become a trend on Youtube and TikTok to film hauntings within your own home.
However, have you ever considered what may be the outcome of focusing on a possible haunting, especially when you step into uncharted territory and use devices which basically summon spirits? Unless you’re a trained medium, shaman or spiritualist, this might not be an advisable course of action, as I explain in this video.
I’ve experienced many paranormal and supernatural events over the years – both by accident and because I’ve actually sought them out. And I’ve learned that sometimes it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie, leave the dead to rest in peace – no matter how hard they might try to get your attention…
also, I give a shout out to King Frostmare as he covers many paranormal events recorded around the world on his Youtube channel.

Talking dog argues with owner about whose bed it is. EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT.

Jack Russell terriers are both vocal and hard-headed. Mr. Growley the angry talking dog has the same argument every night with me – he thinks it’s his bed. He never wins but it’s been the same conversation for the last 9 years. He’s definitely an angri boi….
He’s the most loving, devoted and loyal dog I’ve ever had, and he does actually sleep on my bed, but in the middle, otherwise neither my wife nor I have any space. Yet he always tries to claim dominance by going to bed early and taking either my or my wife’s place. And every night he acts surprised when we try to move him. Sometimes his complaining can go on for a long time, even after he’s moved. Jack Russells will snarl and complain and whinge and moan but it’s all part of their cantankerous but loving characters.
This funny dog guards our property from wild animals and intruders – everything from red deer the size of elk, to foxes, martens and even wild boar. Jack Russells are extremely courageous and will challenge creatures and people much larger than them. Where we live, village dogs are still kept on chains outside to guard. My little dog sleeps next to me.
Jack Russells are so intelligent that I don’t need to issue commands to mine, I just talk to him and he always seems to understand what I want. That doesn’t mean he’ll actually do it – they are still very hard-headed. A Jack Russell terrier has a lot of energy and they need to run around and bark a lot. And I mean a lot.
For my regular viewers and subscribers, I thought I’d drop in some funny, light-hearted content after all the heavy stuff lately 🙂 I don’t have a cat so a funny talking dog video will have to suffice…

Filmed with a Xiaomi Note 8. On location in the Carpathian Mountains of Slovakia.

2022 Predictions Baba Vanga Nostradamus – aliens, cannibals, AI, Metaverse

War, hyperinflation, food shortages, disease, global warming – and that’s just our normal lives as we enter 2022. What do the famous seers Baba Vanga and Nostradamus say we have in store for us for the coming year? I’ll give you a clue: it’s not good. And there’s a lot of it.
A blind mystic from Bulgaria and a plague doctor from medieval France, both could see the future and both made predictions for what was to come. After the last couple of years, all we can hope is that life begins to improve for the world, but Baba Vanga and Nostradamus say otherwise – they predict catastrophes, the rise of artificial intelligence, alien visitation and more. What is particularly scary is just how close their predictions are to the creation of Facebook’s Metaverse, along with dire warnings about it and humanity’s dependence of technology.
02/22/22 is just around the corner, as is a possible war between Russia and Ukraine which may lead to world war three. What then do these great clairvoyants see for our future? Baba Vanga the mystic believed her gift was from God after being struck blind during a storm when she was young, and Michel de Notre-Dame used occultism, astrology and a scrying mirror to delve into the murky unknown of the future. In this video we will explore their scariest predictions for 2022.
Is it wrong to listen to what the mystics have to say about our possible futures, or should we be able to face it forewarned?

Filmed with a Panasonic Lumix FZ300/FZ330 with a Polaroid UV lens.
On location in the Carpathian Mountains of Slovakia.

Preparing for WW3 – Surviving Russia vs Ukraine, Off-Grid & Online

Russia vs Ukraine, NATO, the U.S… A war that would literally be on my doorstep. I thought I was prepared for anything – virtually off-grid, self-sufficient, experienced in bushcraft and outdoor skills… Just like many others who call themselves preppers and survivalists. But we live in the 21st Century, and the world is a much different place to the Dark Ages.
With war looming just 40 miles away from where I live, I’ve had to take a long hard look at how it could potentially effect my family and myself if it really does start – if the ‘false flag’ that America is promising does occur and Russia invades Ukraine. And what I found from my introspection, after a subscriber asked me a very pertinent question, was that I’m only partially ready. There is till one major hurdle to overcome, and it is most probably not what everyone thinks when asked the question: are you prepared for World War 3?”
In this video, I examine the traditional survival measures that preppers use to prepare themselves for future problems and disasters, including everyday carry, bug out bag, grab bag, bug out vehicle, bug out location and others. I also show how my virtually self-sufficient lifestyle is missing a major factor which could make my, and everyone watching’s, life almost ideal. Especially if we are forced to quickly leave our homes and everything we’ve worked so hard to develop.
NATO and American troops and military equipment will soon be passing through my area en route to the borders of Ukraine, in preparation for what the West believes will be a major invasion by Russia, If now is not a good time to rethink my situation, then when is? Time is perhaps running out.
What I have worked out is not just for times of war and other crises, but is essentially the key to living a happy and free lifestyle in the 21st Century.

Filmed with a Panasonic Lumix FZ300/FZ330 with a Polaroid UV lens. On location in the Carpathian Mountains of Slovakia.

Snow Camping WAY below zero in a Hammock – and how to build a campfire

Snow camping in a DD hammock at minus 20 in the Carpathian Mountains. Winter camping is amazing, and using a hammock is a challenge. With temperatures dropping to minus 20, and deep snow all around, heading off to the hills and forests to spend a night or two out in Nature means packing a few more items than usual. Just getting there is an adventure in itself, but it’s worth it to go camping in the Winter.
Snow camping is completely different to Summer camping. To be surrounded by a blanket of white and to breathe crisp fresh air. Sometimes you just have to get away from your daily routine, take a break from work, get out of the city and away from people and traffic, and spend some time alone in Nature.
Being surrounded by trees and snow clears the mind as it means you have to focus much more on the here and now – in some ways on your basic survival needs, especially if a winter storm rolls in. Having the right equipment, such as a goretex bivvy bag (a survival bag) and a Mylar blanket, can mean staying warm or freezing. Carrying a snow shovel and an ax, and a good camping knife (here I use a Morakniv), having a waterproof backpack and an insulating ground layer such as a roll mat, are basic necessities for camping in the snow.
In this video I use a DD Frontline Hammock and a Tatonka tarp, both of which are excellent and I’d highly recommend them (even though I don’t get paid to say so..). Combined, they make a superb snow shelter, for wilderness, survival and bushcraft activities. I show how to craft and light a bushcraft fire in the snow to cook on and keep you warm using silver birch and deadfall branches.
I carry a mixture of ultra modern and vintage equipment – including a Swiss Mountain rucksack, a Czechoslovak army poncho, and an old camp kettle.
Snow camping in a tent is a different world to winter camping in a hammock – both are great fun, and each has its own set of challenges and equipment. Hopefully this video inspires others to go out into the great outdoors and try life below zero in just a fabric shelter for themselves, even if a snow storm or a blizzard rolls in.

Filmed on location in the Carpathian Mountains of East Slovakia with an Apeman 4K action camera.

WW3 – Russia Ukraine Invasion, World War Three begins in February 2022?

I live 40 miles from Ukraine and NATO is sending troops here. Russia has amassed an army on its side of the border, and NATO and the U.S. want to send troops and vehicles to Eastern Europe to prepare should Russia decide to invade Ukraine – which President Biden thinks will happen in February 2022 once the ground freezes. President Zelensky of Ukraine thinks otherwise, and has asked Biden to tone down his war rhetoric. Zelensky has already told his own population to be calm, not to panic, as he says the situation hasn’t changed.
The West is basing all of its knowledge of impending conflict on some alleged intelligence that Russia plans to invade Ukraine – yet it didn’t have intelligence that Kazakhstan would suddenly have a civil war and that Russia would move its troops in as invited peacekeepers by President Tokayev. So how reliable is this intelligence that Ukraine will be invaded by Russia? That doesn’t seem to matter, as America and its Western allies are already moving their soldiers and equipment into the former socialist countries of Eastern Europe – Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Slovakia and others – while countries such as Britain are supplying Ukraine with anti-tank weapons.
Is this really about Russia planning to invade Ukraine or is it about something else entirely? We are in the middle of an energy crisis and the Nord Stream gas pipe, which supplies gas to Europe from Russia, might be too much competition for other gas supplying countries, such as America.
Now that China has backed Russia, and China believes external agents were involved in starting the Kazakhstan civil war, we are truly facing a potential world war. China most likely wants to see how the world will react if Russia reclaims Ukraine, as it has its own plans for annexing Taiwan – and this week it warned America to stay out of its business regarding Taiwan.

In this video I break down everything that is going on in the world concerning the Russia Ukraine war, and the China Taiwan situation.
It has truly become very scary, very fast. For preppers out there, and those with an interest in prepping and survival, it’s worth watching just what is going on. It always helps to have an understanding of what just might happen in the near future. It’s also for fans of Nemiroff Honey and Pepper vodka 🙂

Filmed with a Panasonic Lumix FZ300/FZ330 with a Polaroid UV lens. On location in the Carpathian Mountains of Slovakia.